EOS Nairobi Signs an MoU with TechnoBrain for a Blockchain Incubator

The EOS Nairobi team has been on the run campaigning for the upcoming EOS Block Producer among the 21 top slots.In order to position themselves as a potential BP for Africa, the community organized a well-attended meetup that culminated in an MoU signing for an EOS Nairobi Blockchain Incubator in partnership with Techno Brain, one of the largest tech support companies in the region.

The Memorandum of Understanding

EOS Nairobi has been one of the top organizations spearheading Blockchain education in Kenya. The community is already running developer classes to help blockchain enthusiasts get up to speed with coding for blockchain.

The new MoU will clearly help boost the community to do more in the space. In addition, the new space is expected to also act as a space for blockchain meetups which will further accelerate the demand for blockchain-related projects.Techno Brain, a Microsoft Software testing partner, is already working on building decentralized applications and is looking to be a big player in the space. This partnership will go a long way in helping grow the demand for such applications and projects.