Building Capacity Through Partnerships – The Techno Brain and EOS Nairobi Partnership

In an effort to build and nurture ideas, and offer consulting services on blockchain in Kenya and beyond, Techno Brain, one of the largest technology companies in Kenya, has partnered with EOS Nairobi to achieve this objective.

For any new technology to scale, it needs a good use case and a community behind it. In order to achieve this, partnerships are sometimes necessary and this partnership is going to achieve these objectives.

Building Local Capacity

According Anand Mohan, the Chief Operating Officer, Techno Brain, “We have seen the potential to partner (with EOS Nairobi) to set up the incubator first in order to build capacity. If you have a great technology but you don’t have people to embrace, leverage, and utilize it, the technology is going to fail.”

Techno Brain is working on a number of enterprise blockchain solutions on the and looking to nurture the right talent in order to develop some of these products.

Blockchain Today is 1994 Internet

We’re still in the early stages of the Blockchain Technology, similar to 1994 Internet

To make the jump from hobbyists to commercial and then average retail users for any new technology, three things must happen:

  • The technology itself has to be developed to a point that it is standardized, stable, and has features valuable to users.
  • User interfaces have to be developed to make it approachable to non-engineers.
  • The user base has to grow over time; the more people that use blockchain and cryptos, the more valuable it is to each user, and this virtuous cycle of adoption takes time to play out.

As you can see from above, we’re still in the early stages of the blockchain technology. Partnerships like these help move the technology and its adoption one step closer to realizing the greater vision of decentralization.